Freemasonry came to California in the wake of the Gold Rush of 1849. The initially meeting of California Lodge No. 13 occurred November 17, 1849, on Montgomery Street. The Montgomery Street area was supplanted by another Masonic Hall on Kearny and Pine Streets June 6, 1850, and renamed the California Masonic Lodge No. 1. The present area opened in 1958.

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Masonic Auditorium At Nob Hill Masonic Center 1111 California St, San Francisco, CA, 94108

The Masonic in San Francisco, California opened as a meeting lobby for the Freemasons in 1958 despite the fact that Freemasonry had existed in the region since the season of the Gold Rush. Nowadays The Masonic San Francisco is known by a great many people in the Bay Area as the place to go for a portion of the best live amusement in the city.

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